CCSF Women’s Badminton Team Lines Up for State Tournament

By Gracia Hernandez Rovelo


Facing an intense week of competition, the Rams soundly defeated Skyline College 21-0  as visitors on April 4, followed by a tight win 11-10 over Evergreen Valley on April 6. The Rams stand strong this season with an overall score of 4-4 and progressing to fourth place in conference play.

Yuchu Huang moves to strike an incoming birdie while balancing during a game against a Fresno player. Huang has become known for her playing in both singles and doubles matches, doing well in both areas. April, 11, 2023. San Francisco, Calif.

On Tuesday April 11, the Rams lost 14-7 against Fresno, the second-place team in conference play. Rams Head Coach Tiffany Mariano told the Guardsman, “We tied the match in the first round to 3-3 and then we lost a doubles match which put us down 5-3; they won 5 out the 6 singles matches.”

Tables are prepped and conference score cards are lined up with birdies waiting to begin. April, 11, 2023. San Francisco, Calif.

Heading to the Coast Conference tournament on May 5 and 6, the Rams gear up with their best players Kelly Yau, Carolyn Nguyen, Kayla Mann, Yuchu Huang with high hopes they will all qualify, challenged to win the CCCAA State Championship happening during May 11 through the 13th. “We are putting four of our women into the Coast Conference and we hope they qualify for the State Tournament and chances are pretty high,” said Mariano.

CCSF’s Badminton team gather for a group photo together before their conference this afternoon against Fresno. April, 11, 2023. San Francisco, Calif.
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