City College Hosts First Annual Block Party

By Anshi Aucar 

City College held its first block party on Nov. 21 for students and prospective students to advertise college offerings. 

The event, organized by the Associated Student Council, ran from 9:30 a.m to 3 p.m. and  drew in hundreds of student’s attention by offering free tacos, nachos, and salad to students and staff who brought their student ID card.

Along Cloud Circle, tables and tents were set up to expose students to the various programs, services and clubs the college has to offer. More than 25 tables were set up for this event and 12 computers that were set up for students to register for classes next semester.

There were several services that attended including Matriculation Services , Financial Aid ,and Scholarship Departments, CityDREAM, CalWORKs, Homeless at Risk Transitional Studies , and Guardian scholars among many more services.

Student and faculty organization, Re-imagine the Student Experience (RiSE), which according to City College’s website, serves as a team to “close student equity and achievement gaps”,  offered free gift cards to those who registered for an interest area community forum to give feedback on the student experience at City College.

Resource centers like the Queer Resource Center, Family Resource Center, Women’s resource centers had tables complete with information pamphlets and various other forms of information.

The Speech and Debate team, Alpha Gamma Sigma and Alpha Beta Gamma were also at the party sharing their work as student groups

Overall the event had a fairly large turnout and provided students with resources and guidance on what opportunities are available for students at City College. 


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