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Homecoming of Diego Rivera’s Mural Not Going Quite as Planned

They say history repeats itself. Diego Rivera completed a mural intended for a City College building that was never built, In 1941. Eighty years later, the mural was planned to be installed into the Performance Arts and Education Center which has still not been constructed. 

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Breaking the Silence: Addressing Mental Health Barriers in Filipino/a/x and BIPOC Communities

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The Filipino Student Association at City College organized a panel discussion on May 5 at the Student Health Center to commemorate this. City College is a community college serving a diverse student population, should be responsible for providing spaces like this and resources and support for students from all backgrounds. This includes mental health resources that are culturally sensitive and appropriate for the needs of Filipino/a/x and BIPOC students. 

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NOISE on Balboa is a Mixture of Past, Present and Future San Francisco

NOISE is a treasure trove of vinyl records. Within this tiny storefront on Balboa in the Outer Richmond lives a world of music. What makes NOISE stand out is that it’s representative of all genres of music from classic rock to hip-hop and rap to a whole lot of jazz. NOISE is also an art gallery and music venue representing past, present and future San Francisco.

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Project SURVIVE Persists in Promoting Healthy Relationships and Combating Abuse Despite Pandemic Challenges

Project SURVIVE, a peer-education program that aims to promote healthy relationships and prevent sexual and domestic violence, is continuing to provide training and employment to students.

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Zero Waste Fest: An Educating and Empowering Way to Start Earth Month

Longtime zero waste organization Race to Zero Waste held their annual Zero Waste festival at Crissy Field on April 1st. A run, waste-free breakfast and resource fair showcased the zero waste lifestyle. 

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