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Radical Street Theater Honors Mission’s History

Producer, playwright, and poet Paul Flores’ latest theater piece “History Matters in the Mission” debuted in the namesake neighborhood on Saturday, Oct. 23. The event highlighted five local activists, including City College’s own Juan Gonzales, with a dramatic spectacle of song, dance and word.

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SF Bay Area Residents Honor Ancestors Through Art

Honoring ancestors, artists, and beloved ones, SOMArts presents its 22nd Dia de Los Muertos exhibition, with 17 pieces of art including traditional altars and contemporary installations.

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City College Wins Entrepreneurial College of the Year Award

Only three years old, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at City College exemplifies the success story of a plucky start-up, as it prevailed over other community colleges to capture the nationally-recognized Heather Van Sickle Entrepreneurial College of the Year Award.

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“I’ll be Gone, You’ll be Gone,” Hopefully Not with this Chancellor

For the past ten years, City College has named ten chancellors as its own. Will the newly appointed chancellor, David Martin, direct the helm of City College for just a few years, like many of his predecessors, or will he stay the course and truly tackle the long-term financial problems and educational needs of the college?

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Mayor Breed’s New Retail Crime Initiative

London Breed announced a police-led initiative to decrease retail crime rates in late September, partnered with retailers and regional law enforcement. The initiative has three main aspects; expanding and reallocating police budgeting and resources, restructuring of private and public deployments, and public-private funding to help report and solve cases.

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City College Wins Entrepreneurial College of the Year

“The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in San Francisco, mentoring and coaching students,” said NACCE CEO Rebecca Corbin. She added, “We are thrilled with the work that CCSF is doing and the engagement that they are seeing in every sector.”

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