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“Amplifying Sanctuary Voices” Exhibit Gives Power to Migrant Voices

The “Amplifying Sanctuary Voices” exhibit takes a humanitarian and empathetic look at the sanctuary movement as it questions United States immigration policies. It also gives power to individual migration stories and brings to the forefront climate change as one of the growing factors for fueling global migration.

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Have Your Say: What Are the Pros and Cons of Your Housing Situation?

“The pro is that we are a multi-generational household which allows us to live in the Bay Area and makes living in the Bay Area affordable. Unfortunately the con is that most of us do not earn a living wage, and therefore it is difficult for us not only to afford housing inside the cities that we work in, like San Francisco, but that means it also requires us to move outside of the area into neighboring counties, which not only increases our commute but it is also wear and tear on our bodies and our minds.”

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Up to 70 students in beginning ESL classes at Mission campus

Many beginning noncredit ESL classes at City College’s Mission campus are packed with students, from 40 to 70 students per class, making teaching and learning difficult. City College’s mission  to provide ESL instruction to San Franciscans who need it has been undermined by the college’s limited budgets in recent years.

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Even The New York Times Struggles to Offer Hope About Gun Laws in America

In light of more recent mass shootings in California, media outlets are contributing to feelings of helplessness and sentiments of an inability to create change to already distressed communities. This opinion piece is in response to the New York Times coverage of the recent mass shootings in California.

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