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Ocean Campus Science Hall Stands the Test of Time

The Ocean Campus and the land it occupies have an interesting past. Securing the science hall on campus was an important milestone in the history of City College.

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Due South Offers Free Concerts at Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park

The final show in the series takes place October 8th and features Ozomatli, winner of 4 Grammys, coins themselves as “young political activists and musicians,” playing a unique combination of urban-Latino, hip hop and salsa, dancehall, cumbia, samba and funk.

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Americans Should Finish Unpacking Their Conflicting Views on Search and Seizure

My beloved local librarians have a lot of patience, but I can hardly imagine their response were I to be found to have taken boxes of materials I interacted with as a volunteer, and when called out proceeded to complain loudly and largely refuse to comply with their return.

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