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City College is the largest multi-campus single community college district in the nation and the second largest college overall in the country, even when compared to four-year institutions.

Educating more than 110,000 students annually, City College offers credit and non-credit classes at 12 campuses throughout the city and county of San Francisco. There are nearly 1,750 faculty teaching throughout the system.

City College provides innovative educational programs that are affordable and accessible to a large metropolitan area. Students represent a broad spectrum of the community — from those preparing for transfer to a four-year college or university to working adults updating job skills or preparing for a career change.

There are 150 academic and vocational programs with courses ranging from computers to health careers, aircraft to automobile mechanics, to art, biotech, international business, foreign languages and many more.

The Guardsman
With over 110,000 students, City College’s enrollment rivals that of most four year colleges and universities. We are in fact, the largest community college and the second largest college overall in the nation.

How many college publications have the potential to reach such a wide readership?

City College continues to experience phenomenal growth that is projected to increase at a hefty 3% annually through the next decade.

We have twelve metropolitan campuses located throughout the City and County of San Francisco and one in ten San Franciscans attends City College during the course of a year. Our innovative career programs draws students from a five county area.

The students of the Journalism Department produce our campus newspaper, The Guardsman, publishing eight editions bi-weekly throughout the spring and fall semesters.

We are proud of the fact that The Guardsman has repeatedly captured awards for content and design and seven consecutive General Excellence honors for producing one of the best community college papers in the state and region.

The Guardsman offers outstanding opportunities for advertisers trying to reach a broad audience at a reasonable cost.

We think you’ll agree and look forward to hearing from you soon!


We circulate issues on Wednesdays, every two-weeks

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January 21, 2008
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Note to all advertisers: Insertion order forms must be received by closing dates in order to secure ad spaces per each issue. Artwork for display should be in .pdf format (unlocked) or .tiff format (300 dpi or higher - B/W line screen 80 lpi, color line screen 110 lpi) when sent electonically or arrive as camera ready hard copy pre-sized to fit.

Etc. magazine is the official magazine of City College of San Francisco reaching over 110,000 students enrolled in 12 metropolitan campuses.

Since its inception in fall 1997, Etc. magazine has been honored at the statewide and regional level — capturing awards for feature writing, design, photography, and commentary. It has also earned consecutive General Excellence ratings for overall content and design from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC).

Etc. Magazine is published twice a year at the end of the spring and fall semesters.

The magazine’s 5,000 copies are distributed free to students and faculty at the college’s 12 campuses located in the City and County of San Francisco. It is made available to students for the duration of the entire semester.

With an attractive color cover page, Etc. magazine offers a wide array of advertising opportunities in both color and black and white.

Publishing Policy and Agreements.

1. For this section, Publishing Policy and Agreements, the term “Publisher” shall refer to Guardsman Newspaper and Etc. Magazine.

2. Acceptance of all advertising (products and services, copy text, display, and illustration) is subject to Publisher’s approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement it deems unsuitable.

3. Cancellations, by the advertiser are not acceptable after the closing date. No refund can be given, but a credit for future ad placement can be granted.
4. Advertisers billed at a discount rate who fail to fulfill the clauses of the contract (payment due dates, etc.) will be charged the full rate of their ad size and number of insertions without a discount.

5. All advertisements are accepted and published upon the assumption that the agency and /or advertiser is authorized to submit the entire contents and subject matter thereof.In consideration for the Publisher’s acceptance of such advertisements, the agency and.or advertisers will indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless from and against any loss or expanse resulting from such advertisements, including. without limitation, claims, or suits from libel, violations to rights of privacy, plagiarism, and copy-right infringement.

6. Publisher shall have the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly liable for such moneys as are due and payable to Publisher for advertisements which the advertiser or its agent have ordered and which were published.

7. Publisher shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason it fails to publish an advertisement.

8. Unless a position premium is paid, the position of all advertising is at the Publisher’s discretion.

9. The choice of color for a spot color advertisement is at the Publisher’s discretion. Publisher’s liability for any error on the actual print ad(s) shall not exceed the cost of the space. All insertions must be proof read by the advertisers before submission.

10. Advertisements designed by Publisher’s production staff, requested by advertiser will be paid at a flat fee for the service with an additional charge to the advertiser if the ad design is used in publications other than Guardsman and Etc. magazine, and/or other purposes.


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