News Alert

By Bethaney Lee


City College journalism student, Victor Tence, was robbed at gunpoint in the campus bathroom located in the Multi-Use Building (MUB) on Feb. 15, 2017 at 9:!8 p.m.


In a crime alert issued by campus Chief of Police, Andre Barnes, he said the victim “went inside the bathroom located on the north side of the building,” and was then followed “by two hispanic suspects.”


Chief Barnes report details that “one of the suspects partially pulled out a black handgun to show the victim, at the same time a box cutter fell out of his pocket.”


It is unclear whether the suspects fled on foot or by vehicle but descriptions of each suspect were given.


Barnes report included that suspect one was described as a five foot six inches tall Hispanic male between 20 and 30 years of age weighing about 160 pounds and with both brown hair and eyes. The second suspect is described in a similar fashion but notes a distinctive purple colored scar on his right side face cheek and was described as being slightly older than suspect one.  


Tence was stripped of his backpack, cellular phone and wallet. As a display of solidarity a “GoFundMe” account was created for any member of the City College Community who would like to donate towards the replacement of his belongings.


Here is the link of the GoFund me account to help our fellow student after this incident.

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