AT&T U-Verse allows CCSF to broadcast throughout the Bay

By Ashley Lalla

The Guardsman

Jody Wirt builds the afternoon’s playlist, which includes programming and various PSAs, on Oct. 28. "Promos are mostly made by students. Right now we're playing a series called "The Missing Voter", to get people registered to vote." MATT LAMBERT / THE GUARDSMAN


AT&T U-Verse recently began carrying both of City College’s Educational Access Television (EATV) channels 29 and 75, allowing them to be viewed by customers throughout the Bay Area.

Comcast and Astound will continue carrying City College channels, but unlike AT&T they do not broadcast the channels outside of the city.

“We wanted to make sure the surrounding communities had access to college channels as well,” said AT&T’s Director of Corporate Communications, John Britton.“It’s great exposure for the students in the Broadcasting Department.”

EATV channels broadcasts student performances, board meetings and educational programs. Students who sign up for tele-courses are able to view lectures and videos from the convenience of their own home. A full schedule of the programs can be found on City College’s website.

The broadcasting department’s main goal is to teach students skills that will help secure jobs in the media fields and increased exposure can’t hurt.

Broadcasting student and intern, Lawnele Jones, is excited to reach a wider audience. “If we have a broader audience we will be able to get our message out there. This will help us gain more attention for the school and receive necessary resources and funding. It can be used as a vessel to get our voices heard,” said Jones.

Even with the greater exposure, Maya Novelli,senior broadcast technician, explains a viewer would be unlikely to stumble upon EATV channels unless they were looking for them. AT&T did not give the stations simple numbers easily found by mindlessly scrolling. Instead the channels must manually be selected them from the menu. However, she agrees, channel numbers or not, this newly acquired access is a benefit to the department.

“Previously we had coverage in the San Francisco area, now AT&T U-Verse has greatly expanded our reach. Suddenly our channels are blown across the Bay Area, from Sonoma County all the way to Fremont and the East Bay. I’m able to access our channels from home now and it saves me a lot of time,” said Novelli.