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Journalism department hosts symposium

City College’s journalism department will host a symposium on ‘Why Journalism Matters’ on May 5 between 7 and 9 p.m. at the Mission Campus.

The symposium includes a panel of distinguished City College alumni: Cheryl Jennings, news anchor for ABC7, Molly Oleson, editor for The Pacific Sun, Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, reporter for The San Francisco Examiner, and Alex Emslie, KQED-FM reporter.

Former San Francisco Chronicle editor Tom Graham will moderate the panel discussion and the Q&A session to follow.

“The participants – former students who are now professionals – will share their insights on the vital role that the news media plays and the opportunities that exist in this challenging  field,” said Graham, who currently teaches journalism at City College.

The event is free and open to the public. Snacks and refreshments will be served before the event.

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Campus Briefs

Pay increases for faculty and administration

Special Trustee with Special Powers Guy Lease approved pay increases of one-half of one percent for faculty and administration at the board meeting on April 23.

“This is not an increase, rather it’s a restoration of what the union deferred on during the last contract negotiations (2012),” said Tim Killikelly, president of the American Federation of Teachers.  “This is the money we agreed to being cut from our salaries then.”

Carol Meagher, a business instructor, said that many people in San Francisco already have a negative view of City College and pay raises now may foster more negative opinions of the school.

“The top administration of this school makes over $200,000 a year and a raise, no matter how small, is obscene,” science instructor Simon Hanson said. “The administration does not need more money.”

After public comments, Chancellor Arthur Tyler explained that in the previous practices dictate a simultaneous increase in the administration’s salaries when faculty received pay increases.

The board and Lease ultimately agreed to change the language from increase to restoration.

Winston Drive

City College employees at 33 Gough Street will not be moving to 450 Winston Drive, according to Special Trustee Guy Lease at the board meeting on April 23.

“We looked into the costs of refurbishing the building (450 Winston Drive) and they are not cost effective,” Lease said.  “Instead we may be, depending on the city, staying (at 33 Gough Street) while the building is renovated.”


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