Hall of Fame to Transition to Wellness Center


City College’s Hall of Fame will be moved to the Wellness Center from its longtime home in the defunct South Gymnasium, according to head football coach George Rush.

Started in 1985, inductions to the hall were held every five years until 1995.

“The first hall of fame was in 1985, and we did inductions every five years,” said Rush. “To do it every two or three years might have watered the meaning of the hall of fame.”

Because no inductions have been made in 13 years, the athletic department planned to wait until the Wellness Center had been built to rekindle the hall of fame.

Now that the Wellness Center has been built, talks have stalled about the Hall of Fame.

“Due to all the moving and coaches getting their offices together, we as a program have kind of forgot about it,” said Dan Hayes, physical education department chair.

“The faculty, the coaches, and the administration all have to get together and decide on how to get the Hall of Fame back up and running,” Hayes added. “Hopefully in 2010 we can kind of get it going again, and have a nice ceremony.”

2 comments on “Hall of Fame to Transition to Wellness Center
  1. Hey don’t forget about the Hall Hill! No seriously why would they admit to forgetting about it? Do you think the players whose names are on those trophies have forgotten about it?

  2. Let us not forget about Hall Hill. Coming in 2025 and wouldn’t that be something…..To answer both of your questions Anthony, as the program grows overall, I think the Hall of Fame will start to get put on the forefront. People will get curious about and thus kick start the H.O.F. In the near future it’s a tough call to say when we will have another induction ceremony.

    As for the players, I don’t think they even knew about the H.O.F. If the players did know, I’m sure they would like to be part of it. The players that have been through this program and enjoyed success I’m sure would love to be in the H.O.F. But I doubt that players think about the H.O.F. at this stage of there careers.

    Thanks for your questions Anthony

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