Mission library still has few books available

Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare are some of the few classics that stand on the Mission Campus Library shelves. CLIVE WALKER / GUARDSMAN

Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare are some of the few classics that stand on the Mission Campus Library shelves. CLIVE WALKER / GUARDSMAN

By Sandra Gonzalez and Jean-Pierre Bitchoka
Contributing Writers

Since the Mission campus officially opened in February 2008, the campus’ library only has about 500 books available for student use which does not meet the current demand for books on campus according to Sirous Monajami, mission campus head librarian.

According to Monajami the library is currently filled to less than one percent of its total capacity of at least 100,000 books but currently carries a small amount of material for some of the classes taught at the campus: computer enrichment books, Sterlington GED preparation books, child development, ESL books, Spanish magazines and literature are among the materials the library offers.

“Frequently there aren’t enough books to be handed out at the same time, creating a conflict. Many books have been put on reserve, so more students can use them in the library,” said Monajami.
“It’s a beautiful campus, although the library needs to be finished, and then it will complete the school. Other than that, I think it’s a nice place to come to school,” said Jonathan Rodriguez, a student at the Mission campus.

“I don’t come to the Mission library a lot because I feel I won’t find the books I need or they won’t even be there. It looks like there is a small amount of books, that’s why I use the main Ocean campus library when getting books,” City College student Gloria Musto said.

Monajami says more books are on order, but it could be a long process until the books are finally on shelves. The library’s budget comes out of City College’s general fund and is not large enough to cover filling the campus’ library with books. Because of this, the campus is looking to book donations from both San Francisco’s Public Library and private individuals or organizations to fill the library’s shelves, said Monajami.

“For the future we are working on making policies that will allow the library to get money for new books for the students to use,” said Monajami.

One comment on “Mission library still has few books available
  1. This article brings welcome attention to the still new Mission Campus Library. However, I would like to clarify a key point. The library has been adding new books, DVDs, CDs, and periodicals to the collection as fast as we can. We now have about 5000 titles in the library. The number of 500 used in your article must be an outdated number from February when the library had just opened.

    As a relatively new library, we still have plenty of room to continue to develop our collection. We continue to order new books and other materials and we welcome donations, which are selectively added to the collection by our librarians. Any donations not selected for the collection are sold by the Friends of the Library to raise money for more new books.

    Thank you for monitoring the situation and helping to spread the word about City College’s newest library.

    Anthony Costa
    Mission Campus Library Coordinator
    (415) 920-6140

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