Meg Whitman for Governor

By Nick Palm
The Guardsman

California’s gubernatorial race has two clear front runners: a life-long politician, looking to extend his mediocre career in politics by running for his third term, and a concerned citizen hoping to save a state with financial problems that run as deep as the quality of education has run dry.

Meg Whitman has never run for political office. In a state long-run by crooked politicians, movie stars, or some combination of the two, Whitman is just what California needs to get back in good financial standing as the eighth largest economy in the world.

When Whitman became president and CEO of eBay, the company had 30 employees and an annual revenue of just over $4 million. By the time she left in 2008, the company had over 15,000 employees and was generating over $8 billion annually.

With California’s unemployment rate lingering at 12.4 percent, the state needs a governor who is business minded and will keep citizens’ well-being at heart.

Whitman is the candidate who knows how to create jobs and keep them in California.

Jerry Brown’s education policy doesn’t clearly outline the allocation of government funds, and it centers on making students technologically savvy.

It’s 2010. Today, it’s nearly impossible to find any elementary school student who doesn’t have a fundamental knowledge of computers and technology.

Simply educating students about technology will not create better students. Whitman is “setting a goal of moving the state’s test scores from near worst in the nation to the front of the class.”

Far too much money is thrown around the state’s educational system in the form of redundant grants, bureaucracy and overhead. Whitman plans to consolidate these grants and award achievement in the classroom.

Don’t dig up a corrupt, ineffective fossil for governor and let him run California into the ground. Vote for someone fresh in California politics. Vote for Whitman.

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