Classified Staff Bear Brunt of City College Layoff Notices

City College sent out 42 pink slips to classified staff Nov. 2, even as they recruit replacement workers, a breach of faith denounced by SEIU 1021.

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Civil Grand Jury Review: City College Seeks Workforce Development Partnership with City of San Francisco

Rising unemployment and low enrollment have led San Francisco’s Civil Grand Jury to conduct a developmental review of City College, elevating opportunities for future partnerships and funding.

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The Chancellor Finalists: Candidates Largely Align in Approaches to Restore Solvency, and In-Person Classes

Some of the main challenges for the chancellor will be ensuring the college’s long-term fiscal stability while making preparations to bring back in-person classes. Opinions on how these goals should be achieved differ between AFT2121, the union which represents the college’s faculty, and the Board of Trustees, with chancellor candidates in the running having largely similar stances on achieving goals mostly inline with the Board’s opinion and differing from each other only slightly.

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