Why we should assess avocado ardency

The U.S.’s latest culinary sweetheart is none other than the slick avocado, but the fruit comes with far more baggage than many food lovers realize.

Demand has increased the total number of Hass avocados ever bagged in the U.S. from almost nine million in January 2016 to over 11 million in July, according to the Hass Avocado Board’s statistical analysis.

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Outspoken NBA stars shine brighter

Members of the National Basketball Association (NBA) have been extremely reluctant to speak up on social issues pertaining to the black community. We’ve been left in the dark whenever they were asked to shed light on their perspectives regarding political scandals or national outcry.

Athletes with the most recognizable faces in our country did not want to use their platform to express their views, which is cowardly at face value. How can athletes that benefit from local support not speak up when locals are in despair?

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More power to female Olympians

I am a proud Canadian and I love watching the Olympics—not just to cheer on my countrymen and women, but to see the grit, determination and talent of athletes all over the world. Their accomplishments, their joy, their disappointment and their pain moves me.

Recently the Chicago Tribune tweeted “Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics” with a linked news story. I found this to be incredibly offensive and demeaning.

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