An open letter from the Department Chairperson Council

To the City College of San Francisco community—students, residents, college employees and trustees:

This is an open letter from the Department Chairperson Council (DCC) of City College of San Francisco. Concern has moved us to speak out for the continued life and success of our beloved institution.

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Examining Kaepernick’s protest through the lens of history

Sports and entertainment are two of the few avenues that have been open to Black people as a means for achieving some degree of fame and fortune. Those who have been successful at both are expected to extol the greatness of America, and certainly not to be overly critical of this country.

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Outspoken NBA stars shine brighter

Members of the National Basketball Association (NBA) have been extremely reluctant to speak up on social issues pertaining to the black community. We’ve been left in the dark whenever they were asked to shed light on their perspectives regarding political scandals or national outcry.

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