Cheerleaders redefine on-campus spirit

(L-R) Taylor Conley, Angel Jensen, and Donna Riguero support Cyntia Salazar while practicing a stunt. Preparing for an upcoming competition, the Ram cheerleaders split their time between team responsibilities, school, and their personal lives. PHOTO BY JESSICA ORTH / THE GUARDSMAN

By Matthew Gomez
The Guardsman

City College’s cheerleaders are doing more than just cheer at football and basketball games, and they are involving themselves in more than athletics.

As much as they already do around campus, they hope to do even more.

While they enjoy supporting the school’s athletes, the cheerleading squad also wants to support the students and City College itself.

“We try to be as involved as we can,” said captain and president Nazdira Hamden. “We kind of do a little bit of everything on campus.”

Cheerleading isn’t an official program at City College. As a club, the cheerleaders must do their own fundraising to take trips and put on events, Hamden said.

Mark Pascual supports Cyntia Salazar as she performs a scorpion. Both Pascual and Salazar are star stunters on the squad. PHOTO BY JESSICA NORTH / THE GUARDSMAN

They ran a booth at FRISCO Day April 29, where some of the cheerleaders welcomed visiting high school students and hoped to recruit a few new faces.

At the spring concert held last weekend at the Diego Rivera Theatre, they performed a new routine for the attendees, Hamden said.

Cheerleader Angela Jensen, who was at Frisco Friday, said she was also very involved with the other cheerleaders during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They held a raffle and donated half of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“We are kind of trying to reach out to all students, not just athletics,” Hamden said.

She also said that a group of cheerleaders attended the March in March rallies in Sacramento last year.

From cheering for the athletic teams to being a face for City College, their efforts were noticed by the Inter Club Council, which presented them with an excellence award.

“Being on the team helps you learn how to be part of a team family,” said Chelsea Chace, who began cheering this semester.


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