City College Fun Facts: Did you know?

  • City College of San Francisco opened its doors on September 4, 1935. It’s astrological sign is Virgo.
  • City College was originally called San Francisco Junior College.
  • The school’s first nickname was “The Trolley Car School” due to long commute students made from across the city.
  • Cloud Hall is named not for its incredible view of the city and the bay, but for CCSF’s founder Archibald Cloud.
  • The statue outside Cloud Hall by Beniamino Bufano titled Saint Francis of the Guns of 1968 contains the metal from melted-down guns collected by SFPD. It honors four great American leaders lost to gun violence: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.
  • Non-credit courses at City College, like quiltmaking and basic auto maintenance, are always free! Go make your car a quilt.
  • A variety of non-credit courses are offered specifically for older adults, such as music appreciation, arts and crafts, and computers. Tell your grandma!
  • The school’s slogan was “Ut adolescentes vitae educantur,” the Latin for “That youth may be educated to life.”
  •  Between 1859 and 1892, the land that now occupies Ocean campus was a home for wayward youth called “County Sheriff’s House of Correction Number Three.”
  • Two buildings on Ocean campus are named for men named Louis who shared a love for basketball. Conlan Hall is named for longtime football and basketball coach Louis Conlan, while basketball referee Louis Batmale is the namesake of Batmale Hall.

Written By Shannon Cole/Staff Writer

The facts preceding facts were collected from A Short History – City College of San Francisco by late City College Instructor Austin White, and The Guardsman archives.

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