Classless act from Dodgers fans

By Ryan Kuhn
The Guardsman

Ever since my childhood, I have been passionate about the teams I like. When they win I smile; when they lose I frown. Sometimes I have yelled the occasional expletive in frustration during a game. But something that happened to a fan this past week was uncalled for and completely across the line. A Giants fan is now in critical condition after he was physically attacked.

After the Giants’ first game of the season in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz resident Bryan Stow was physically attacked by three Dodger fans while in the stadium parking lot.

Stow was taken to a nearby hospital and is now in critical but stable condition.

Why am I not surprised this was done by Dodger fans? This is the second attack that has happened in the stadium’s parking lot in past two years.

In 2009, a Dodger fan stabbed a man in the parking lot after a verbal altercation in the parking lot.

Dodgers Vice President of Communications John Rawitch released a statement following the attack.

“We’re committed to having the most fan and family friendly environment in baseball and will continue to to make that a top priority,” he said.

Ask anyone and they will tell you I am passionate about baseball but never should a fan physically or even verbally assault an opposing fan. Sure I might yell “Dodgers Suck!” or “Go back to your crappy stadium” but sports should never drive someone to violence.

Baseball is a game and only a game. One game is one game, and no matter how important it is, there will always be another.

After hearing this I finally understand why my dad always refused to take me to Dodger Stadium. Not for the overpriced Dodger Dogs or their “state-of-the-art” restrooms, but for my own safety.

So if I decide to travel down to Southern California to see the Giants I will pass Dodger Stadium and travel two hours south. At least San Diego fans are classy.


The Guardsman