Submissions/Letters to the editor policy

The Guardsman encourages feedback from our readers. We will attempt to publish letters to the editor as soon as our publication schedule allows.

We offer the following guidelines to readers for submissions:

Letters should be signed with at least a first and last name, or The Guardsman will not be able to publish the letter. Also, please indicate if you are a student or a member of the faculty at CIty College.

Please include your name, phone number, and address along with your submission: The Guardsman will attempt to contact you to verify the authenticity of your submission.

The Guardsman reserves the right to edit letters to the editor for length; please try to keep submissions to 200 words or fewer.

The Guardsman will be unable to publish submissions that do not meet the standards of our publication, which include, but are not limited to:

incoherence, personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity (this includes expletives or letters followed by symbols or dashes), obscenity, commercial promotion or “plugging” a person, product or service and impersonations.

Letters addressed to individual writers may also be published and the writer, section editor and/or The Guardsman’s editorial board may, at their choosing write a response to be published alongside any letters received.

The Guardsman reserves the right to pubish and/or republish submissions in any form.

If wish to give feedback directly to The Guardsman but would rather not have your letter published, specify so in your letter.

Submissions or Letters to the editor can be submitted online via our contact us page, or by mail or fax.

One thought on “Submissions/Letters to the editor policy

  • February 18, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Trump’s Grandstand Distraction Plan to Nuke North Korea

    This is not a joke. We have been peace activists since the days of the Cold War. The current heavily conflicted international scene terrifies us what with 20,000 nukes floating around and only a bare fraction of them needed to kill off the whole lot of us. Together Christians, Muslims, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists and communists will be roasted to death or slow bake microwaved over 60 days of agonizing radiation sickness, that horror avoided only by drinking the Cool Aid, a fun sight to watch when all the children and grandkids of the world are murdered in this way.

    We are a PhD scientist and a protective mother of five including a Eurasian daughter adopted when I was a Lutheran missionary in my younger days. The title of this email suggesting that Trump will foolishly light the fuse to all out nuclear war with a preemptive strike on equally nutcase Kim Jong Un is not a fairy tale but a real possibility given Trump’s crafty callousness and our mathematical understanding of the violent emotions that drive people like Trump to do what they do.

    What we wanted from Trump was change for the better – I voted and actively campaigned for him. What we got from Sir Satan von Drumpf, though, was a dictatorial predator shrewd enough not to advertise his intentions beforehand. Read our math-based argument calling for his removal from the presidency he stole with Putin’s help in this rigged election on And visit our math heavy website,, posted last July when imprudent hopes lead to our initially supporting him.

    Peter and Ruth Calabria
    the World with no Weapons movement


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