Each One Teach One: Students create their own curriculum

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Oz Litvac

A new program at City College, called Each One Teach One, will allow students to facilitate workshops and share valuable knowledge with each other in areas not offered by regular courses at City College.

The program is an adaptation of the student-run DeCal program at UC Berkeley, a program that was founded in 1981 and was inspired by the Free Speech movement of the 1960’s, according to the DeCal website.

“Each One Teach One aims to expand the offerings for students in an era of budget cuts and high tuition and student fees,” said coordinator Angela Helmer.

All City College students are eligible to apply to become facilitators, but they are required to attend facilitation and trauma response trainings before they can lead workshops.

Furthermore, they must get the project coordinator and Associate Dean of Student Activities Samuel Santos
to sign off on their projects.

This semester there are four workshops which will focus on different subjects. Caitlyn Bacom is facilitating a workshop titled “Women at the Forefront of Technology”, Maggie Coshnear will lead “Racism and the 1%”, Shanell Williams is the facilitator of “Beauty Whitewashed” and finally Mazatzin is conducting one about the Aztec calendar.

Helmer said that Each One Teach One facilitators will have a chance to gain valuable experience and leadership skills.

Most workshops will begin in April.

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