February 25 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor —

I have read two letters to the Dear editor column response on the paper on the Gaza protest. I could understand that they are full supporters of Israel and their invasion of Gaza last month, but truth be told they were completely biased of the issue. One example is their anti-Arab statements by saying that Hamas was a terrorist organization and that they instigated the attack.
The truth is the invasion was made only three weeks before their elections on Feb. 10 and right before Barack Obama’s inauguration “and ironically ending only three days before he was the new president.”
One of the writer’s last statements was to look at both sides. The problem is Israel, which is the number one country in U.S. aide, and has been accused of numerous human rights violation against the Palestinians.
The last issue is what the writer said that Hamas used civilians as human shields, not surprising since both media and the government in this country blame every dead Palestinian on Hamas, and not Israel with their air strikes, tanks and soldiers, who actually attack UN hospitals block the borders preventing anyone coming out alive, and using propaganda to blame Hamas for absolutely everything that’s happen to the Palestinians. It’s not fair that only supporters of Israel get to speak out and other people who are against it are not heard just ignored.
— Carlos Olmedo