Four out of five for fowl flinging fun

By Greg Zeman
The Guardsman

“Flickin’ Chicken” is a game that takes disc golf (a game that replaces golf balls with flying discs) and replaces the discs with small, rubber chickens.

Then, perhaps out of some twisted sense of irony, they put the flying disc back in the game as the “hole”—first you throw the disc, then you throw chickens at the disc.

Is everybody still with me? Good.

I’m not sure what demographic the minds at the Haywire Group—creators of the Spam Dice Game, Number Ninjas and other “six and up” boardgames—were aiming for when they created this game, but I have a feeling it’s appeal is going to be pretty high amongst people who are into indoor gardening.

Anyone willing to spend more than five minutes tossing miniature rubber chickens around: has at least one stick of Nag Champa in their home, can tell you which Pink Floyd album syncs (perfectly) with which MGM movie musical and knows that, “to understand what happened to Killer, first you’ve got to understand who Killer was.”

That said, I played Flickin’ Chicken for about 20 minutes, so go figure.

Photo editor Ramsey El-Qare, staff writer and photographer Robert Romano and myself played a fairly energetic round that ended on the roof of bungalow 205, with Romano declared the winner by three strokes.

My only complaint about the game is that it didn’t come with a black chicken like their promotional materials led me to believe it would. Ramsey and I fought like infants over the black chicken for weeks before the game actually arrived at the newsroom—and I won that fight—so I do feel kind of cheated in that respect.

Otherwise, the game is a silly, fun way to waste valuable time that should really be spent reporting, writing and laying out pages.

I heartily recommend Flickin’ Chicken to the young, the young at heart and to 18-year-old, type-two osteoporosis patients looking for a relaxing, outdoor activity other than taking their medication.

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