Have Your Say: Are you voting? For whom and why?

By Steven Ho  (All photos by Franchon Smith)

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Michelle McNeil

Age: Declined to state

Major: English Tutor (employee)

“Yes … The candidate I find most appealing is Bernie Sanders, because he’s very issues orientated and I resonate with a lot of his platform.”

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Ryley Gaulocher-Bergmann

Age: 20

Major: Undeclared

“Yes … I have always been raised democratic; however, I have not done any research yet, so I don’t know which candidate”

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Sabrina Castle

Age: 42

Major: Child Development

“Yes I plan to vote … I don’t know exactly who I want to vote for. This will be my first time voting.”


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Zayn Mirza

Age: 19

Major: Philosophy

“Yes I am … However, I’m kind of just mixed up in between now, and I’m just trying to figure it out.”


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Christopher Smith

Age: 26

Major: International Business

“I plan on voting … I have been a huge fan of Dr. Ben Carson for a long part of my life, so that’s why I’m voting for him.”


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 Jesse Geist

Age: 32

Major: Psychology

“I’m registered to vote … I will vote for the Republican Party.”


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Sally Tang

Age: 20

Major: Nursing

“Yes I am … However, I’m still looking around at the candidates right now. I’m not confident about our current candidates.”


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Eddie W. Levi

Age: 19

Major: Psychology

“No I’m not … But, I’m definitely not voting for Donald Trump based on the media uprising I hear about.”



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