Have Your Say: Do you feel safe on campus?

By Cassie Ordonio (All Photos by Franchon Smith)

Have Your Say

Ricky Gregory
Major: Tae kwon do

“I do but I could be safer. Why? Because the campus police are very uncomfortable to be around because of things that happened in the past. I’ve heard a lot of things that happened on and off campus. I feel safe already it’s just the campus police. I believe they should be more fair.”



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Desiree Jordan
Major: Nursing

“I do feel safe, other than the occasional strangers that don’t go here, but I do feel safe overall. To feel safer, I would say having someone to monitor who does come in and out of the school who are actually students.”





Jason LuuHave Your Say
Major: Computer Science

“I do feel safe on campus. I haven’t seen anything really out of the ordinary. I feel like I know what’s dangerous and what’s not, and people look around their surrounds. That’s the most important part, if you know your surroundings then you should feel safe.”




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Evan Hill
Major: Finance

“Yes I do feel safe because nobody messes with us, and we see the campus police everywhere, so I feel pretty safe. To feel safer, I saw we need more security.”




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Kevin Alfaro
Major: Biochemistry

“I do feel safe. There’s a lot of police officers on campus, and that makes me feel really safe while walking around campus.”





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