Have Your Say: What is the most important issue to you in the upcoming election?

Photos and reporting by Shannon Cole


Kenneth Caragon

19, Journalism/Film major

“That’s a good question. Probably education in general…including how people can afford it.

 Have_Your_Say_LuisBermudez23WEBLuis Bermudez

23, Psychology major

“I think it’s all rigged. I hate to think about it, but part of me thinks that Donald Trump actually might be President. I truly hope that’s not the case, but because of the fact that money makes the world go ‘round, that is a very viable possibility.”



Michael Patterson

23, Architecture major

“Funding for college education. With Bernie Sanders pushing for free education—I know Hillary Clinton is as well, but her plan involves more working—it’s better to get more funding.”


Sara Bouzgheia

21, Communications major

“The environment is the most important issue to me. Environmental issues and sharing the planet. There’s a lot more that we can do about environmental issues. The United States especially should focus on this because we have a lot of leverage in the world.”

 Have_Your_Say_SerinaSum21Sirena Sum

21, Communications major

“I want a President that focuses on gender equality, and to focus on the relationship with other countries, make them more positive relationships, and end the wars.”

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