Letters to the Editor

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Editor – Your September 10 article on the Mission Campus Library brings welcome attention to the still new library on Valencia Street. However, I would like to clarify a key point from your article. The library has been adding new books, DVDs, CDs and periodicals to the collection as fast as we can. We now have about 5000 titles in the library. The number of 500 used in your article must be an outdated number from February when the library had just opened

As a relatively new library, we still have plenty of room to continue to develop our collection. We continue to order new books and other materials and we welcome donations, which are selectively added to the collection by our librarians. Any donations not selected for the collection are sold by the Friends of the Library to raise money for more new books.

Thank you for monitoring the situation and helping to spread the word about City College’s newest library.

Anthony Costa
Mission Campus Library Coordinator