Ly’s love for volleyball

By Arcel Cunanan


Volleyball Captain Amanda Ly loves the game of volleyball and is looking forward to great season.
Volleyball Captain Amanda Ly loves the game of volleyball and is looking forward to great season. ANNE-MARIE STARK / GUARDSMAN

If it weren’t for her two friends, City College volleyball star libero Amanda Ly would have never played volleyball. During the summer of seventh grade, Ly joined a volleyball league, and her passion for playing hasn’t stopped since.

When she was younger, Ly couldn’t commit to other sports or hobbies. Volleyball was the answer to her problem. “I sucked, but I was determined to play and stick with a sport and get better at it,” said Ly about her first encounter with volleyball.

Before attending City College, Ly attended George Washington High School, where she played as a setter throughout her four years there. Ly also joined club teams the Hawaiian Sunsetters and the San Francisco Juniors, though her height restricted her from obtaining a position as a setter. Measuring just 5 feet 2 inches, Ly happens to be the ideal height for a libero, or defensive specialist, and began training during her club career.

This year will be the second year the 19-year old sophomore is playing for City College as the team’s defensive specialist. Ly also finished as the fourth-best libero of the entire conference of 2007. “Amanda Ly is the best libero in the league. She is amazing,” said Aziza Bledsoe, associate head coach.

As team captain, Ly has already noticed a difference in spirit. With more chemistry and confidence, Ly foresees a great season for herself and her team. Her goals and expectations for the team lean more toward camaraderie, rather than skill. “I honestly think we can make it this year. I have high hopes,” she said. “I want the team to be a big family. I want everyone to help each other both on and off the court.”

On top of a demanding volleyball schedule, Ly juggles a full load of 15 units and is on a mission to add three more. Having to attend classes Monday through Friday, followed by two hour practices, Ly’s days are long and tiresome. Unfortunately, Ly has no choice but to cut down on quality time with friends and family to manage her time as a student and volleyball player.

Though Ly’s volleyball career has been successful, she has no plans to play her beloved sport after this year. Next year, Ly will be parting ways with City College and is hoping to attend California State University in Long Beach, where she wants to enter a modern dance program.

Despite her willingness to move on, volleyball will always be her first love and have a place in her heart. And who knows, maybe volleyball will be a part of her life again some day in the distant future. As the saying goes; “you never get over your first love.”

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