March 25 State Your Fashion


By Maahum Chaudhry

Ashley Allen, 20

At 20 years old, funky gal Ashley Allen describes herself as lazy, but still fashion-conscious. Now a Community Studies Major at UC Santa Cruz, the former City College student can still be easily spotted around Ocean campus where she comes to study.

The San Francisco native is no slave to fashion. She calls her style “San Francisco city kid. I don’t follow fashion. I just wear whatever looks good on me.”

What looks good on her happens to be a pair of corduroy skinny jeans, a T-shirt with a picture of Mick Jagger, and smudged white Chuck Taylors.

Allen styles her signature hairstyle into an Afro, but sometimes she’ll French braid the hair into a tall Mohawk. However she styles it, her hair always attracts attention. “People sometimes ask me if they can touch my hair,” she said.

She doesn’t shop very often, but when she does it’s at Crossroads, Urban Outfitters, thrift shops, and H&M. Every month she spends only $100 on clothes. “I don’t shop much because I just keep everything I have and wear it differently,” she said.

Even her keys, with various colored beads and a rainbow reptile her mom got her from Mexico, are an extension of her style. “My mom is super proud that I’m gay so everywhere she goes she gets something rainbow for me,” said Allen.

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