Meet the candidates: AS Elections 2010

Below you will see a list of candidates who are running for seats on the Associated Students Council and some brief information from them.

Associated Student President Candidates

Musiliu Adewunmi- B.L.O.C Slate
My name is Musiliu Adewunmi, I was born in Nigeria, Africa and immigrated with my family to the U.S. in November 2001. I am now a continuing student with a double major in Sociology and Political Science. I want to transfer to U.C. Berkeley by the Fall of 2011. I am currently serving as a senator in the Associative Student Council and a Campus Ambassador in the Outreach and Recruitment Department at City College, Ocean Campus. Both experiences provided me with an understanding of the needs of student at City College. My future career goal is to become an international and civil rights attorney, since I have the passion of representing and voicing the concerns and issues that students face at City College. I have decided to run as the presidential candidate for the B.L.O.C. Slate; Building Leaders Organizing Communities. If elected as president, I will work towards closing the achievement gap, ensure that books become affordable for students with the “Open Textbook Campaign”, Keep our retention programs accessible, fight to have a One Stop Center for perspective students,  Make sure that resources remain available for our veterans and continually fight to reserve our education because knowledge is power.

Chris Lloyd-Independent

"I am running for A.S. President. if i am elected i will rehire the student worker positions that were not hired for the last two semesters."

Associated Student Senator Candidates

Lerone Matthis-B.L.O.C Slate


Hello, my name is Lerone Matthis I am a representative for the B.L.O.C. Slate and I am running for Senator. This is my fourth semester at CCSF and I am faced with the same hardships as many students. The major budget cuts that have affected us all is a major issue that I personally want to combat. Services are essential for the many students that need assistance with classes, tutoring, books and transportation which is vital to a stable student. Services can help bridge the achievement gap that plagues our school and the many schools that struggle with the same issues. Although we do not have the authority to fully force changes yet; however, with the help from my slate and I, we will make the changes necessary.


Jesse Clayburgh-UCEE Slate

My name is Jesse Clayburgh and I’m running for student senator on the UCEE slate. I’m focused on supporting impoverished students here at City College through better outreach and fighting for the continuation of funds for programs like EOPS, which give many students the chance to go to school who otherwise wouldn’t. Vote Jesse Clayburgh to have your voice heard!