Opinion: Senator Obama, the Jackie Robinson of our generation


Senator Barack Obama could become the first African American to be elected President of the United States, making Nov. 4 2008, one of the most historic days in American history.

The feeling that surrounds this campaign is something surreal. The feeling of anticipation, anxiousness and celebration is waiting to happen to Sen. Obama if he becomes president.

The hype and money that has been thrown around this election year has been off the charts.

When Sen. Obama’s nomination at the August 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver drew 82,000 people, that’s when it hit that this election was big.

The speeches, composure and determination of Sen. Obama looks and sounds good, but will this really work?

Can he really come through for a country that is desperate for a new direction?

Time will tell if Obama gets elected, yet from watching the speeches, and his demeanor in the debates, he looks like a natural.

The negativity that Sen. McCain has thrown at him has not distracted Obama from his plan at all.

There definitely could be danger for Obama if he becomes president, as fears of an assassination have been rumored if Obama is elected. It is something that is surely on the mind of African Americans.

Will the public outcry be bigger than when Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947? Only time will tell as future Americans look back at this time in history.

These are questions hopefully we get to see answered soon, and hopefully we see that there is a change.

A change for a better country, equal opportunity, and This is election will be something we talk about for years, and it feels great to be able to witness it.


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