On the Record: English and Math Placement Tests

By Annabelle Day


What do you think about the Math and English admissions placement tests?

Vanessa Alves, 21

Graphic Design Major

“I took English for ESL. It was kind of easy and understandable. It is necessary for foreign students to know what level you’re at.”

Mark Escobar, 19

Physical Therapy Major

“I think the English test is a disadvantage to those who it’s not their first language. There might be a better way to determine a student’s level of english because they base it off that one test.”

Karoline Gurdal, 18


“The math was pretty easy, but the English was a bit harder. The hard vocabulary shouldn’t have really been part of the test. Only if English is the second language should it be necessary. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter.”

Johnny Hsia, 20

Environmental Science Major

“To a certain extent I thought they were fair. To my own standard I thought they were easy. I depends on where you come from. In general I would categorize them as being fair with the assumption there is some formal education.”

Elisa Ishii, 18


“I thought it was pretty basic. I think some people have difficulty taking tests, but they have to be fair. They need to know where the student places to give an idea of where they should belong.”

Yeiber Cano, 26

Broadcasting Major

“The computer-based test was easier and more practical than the written one was. The English placement test is difficult. I feel there isn’t enough time to answer all the questions. I found it a challenge.”

Kay Moloi, 19

Psychology Major

“I didn’t like them. They have to make sure you’re in the right class for your skill level. You wouldn’t want to be in a class that was too hard or too easy. It is limiting because you can’t get into another class.”

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