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Even The New York Times Struggles to Offer Hope About Gun Laws in America

In light of more recent mass shootings in California, media outlets are contributing to feelings of helplessness and sentiments of an inability to create change to already distressed communities. This opinion piece is in response to the New York Times coverage of the recent mass shootings in California.

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“Ghost Students” Haunt California Community Colleges as Fraudulent Applicants Steal Financial Aid and Class Spots

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has taken measures to reduce fraud, such as upgrading its admission portal and improving technology to more quickly identify cases of fraud. The system now requires two-factor authentication and shares suspected fraudulent applications between colleges to prevent bot enrollment.

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City College Struggles with Inadequate Heating, Leaving Faculty and Students in the Cold

City College is facing cold classroom conditions due to broken boilers. This has caused discomfort and hindered learning for both students and faculty, with temperatures in the rooms as low as the 50s. The administration has suggested using space heaters and moving rooms, but the faculty union, AFT 2121, calls these solutions inadequate.

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