Review: San Francisco’s DNA lounge offers a good time for all

By Nick Palm

Deep in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district is one of the best Bay Area industrial DJ clubs. The DNA Lounge, located at 375 11th Street, offers a wide array of dance parties, DJ shows, live concerts, and even a monthly indie wrestling show.

On most nights a resident DJ spins on each of the two club floors. With three full-service bars, you’ll never go thirsty in this darkly lit, sweaty dance house.

The club boasts to host some of the most popular recurring nightclub events in the Bay Area. Bootie, my personal favorite, is the club’s bi-monthly mash-up show. Mash-ups are songs comprised of two or more songs — preferably of different eras and genres layered to create musical insanity. Imagine mixing “You’re The One That I Want” from the “Grease” soundtrack, with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “The Next Episode.”

Insanity, right?

The show is hosted by DJs Adrian and the Mysterious D, creators of the now international Bootie club parties. You can always find an energetic, mixed crowd that’s ready to party.

Every Monday Death Guild, one of the longest running goth industrial parties in the world,  takes place at the DNA Lounge. Come for a night of great music from artists like Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, Nick Cave, and Depeche Mode. While the Monday night crowd is not as diverse as on Bootie nights, but your goth brothers and sisters will welcome you right in if you fit the profile.

A newer addition to the club’s monthly lineup is Fog City Wrestling, a Saturday afternoon no-holds-barred indie wrestling fiesta. At any given show, you can find local amateurs like Baby Slymm, Chicano Flame and El Chupacabra going head-to-head on a full-size ring in the middle of the club.

With shows almost every night of the week that cater to a large assortment of partyers, sports fans, music lovers, and fetishists alike, the DNA Lounge has something for everybody.

You can find the full calendar of events and parties, including all-ages shows at

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