State Your Fashion: Carlos Arellano

By Chloe Ashcraft
The Guardsman


Sporting a Dia de los Muertos T-shirt, customized jacket, cuffed jeans and Puma high-tops, animal science major Carlos Arellano rocks a fashionable yet casual look. He adds flair to his outfit with a studded belt and patches from the bands NOFX and Mad Sin, which he has sewn onto his jacket.

Born in Nicaragua, Arellano lived on the East Coast for most of his life and moved to San Francisco two years ago.

Despite his extensive travel, including backpacking through Europe and a three month stint in China, Arellano cites his love for psychobilly and punk music as his greatest fashion influence. He draws inspiration from bands like Tiger Army, The Sharks and Nekromantix.

The City College sophomore works at Cheap Thrills on Haight Street, a retail store where he gets most of his clothes. He buys his jeans at Villians, also on Haight Street. “There’s not a lot of jeans I like, so I’ll pay like $60 or $65 for jeans, which isn’t much,” Arellano said.
It’s the small touches that give Arellano his distinct style. It’s rare to see him without a chain on his jeans or a bandana in the back pocket of his pants.

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