State Your Fashion, Erick Steiner

By Clive Walker

Erick Steiner, 20
Artist, Cool and Collected

Not a lot of people like to dress with a cool, calm and collected style like City College student Erick Steiner.

With his blue hoodie from American Apparel, Boba Fett T-shirt from Hot Topic, borrowed blazer, and Metro Park hat, Steiner bodes a demeanor that screams out “artist.”

“My favorite places to shop are the stores on Haight Street, Metro Park, and Nordstrom Rack, which is sort of like a Ross or a Marshalls,” said Steiner.

A film major here at City College, Steiner hopes to eventually move to Hollywood and work with film. “I want to work with narratives in the main stream film industry,” he said.

When asked if there is anything or anyway to describe his particular fashion style, Steiner replied, “It just depends on the mood, man.”

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