State your fashion


By Marcus Rodriguez
Staff Writer

From the mohawk on his head to the pro-model, synthetic snake-skin Adidas boots on his feet, Chris Timm is a man who knows what he likes.

“I originally got the mohawk on a bet from a friend, and after I got laid off I figured there was no reason not to keep it so I just kept Bic-ing it,” Timm said.

The 38-year-old nursing major from San Diego is sporting vintage grey cargo shorts made by the fashion company Zoo York and a white T-shirt that shows off his love for a little city south of the border.

“I lived in Tijuana for a little bit while I volunteered at an orphanage,” Timm said. “Yeah, the orphanage was in a town located right next to a trash dump. The people there were amazing, especially the kids. I loved seeing their eyes light up when we gave them supplies, books or toys. It always made their day.”

Timm moved to the Bay Area to complete his nursing degree and plans to transfer to San Francisco State University so he can become an ER nurse, a flight nurse or a parachute nurse.

“A parachute nurse is where we get dropped into third-world countries whose economies are depleted and who are in serious need of health services,” he said.

Timm is also sporting his Chrome Ranchero backpack made of waterproof materials.

“You could chill a 12-pack in here with ice and not get wet,” Timm said.

Asked about his other favorite memories in Tijuana, Timm responded, “They were all drunken ones.”

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