Theft spree at the main campus

42 works of art were stolen from the display cases shown inside the Visual Arts building, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014, at Ocean campus. Photo by Elisa Parrino/The Guardsman

Three separate theft-related incidents were reported on Feb. 12. Two of the incidents were thefts at the Wellness Center and at the Visual Arts building. The third was an armed robbery inside Science Hall.

Visual Storytelling at the Latin Comics Expo

Grasiela Rodriguez author of "Lunatic Fringe" and "Sprada" and Michael Aushenker author of “El Gato, Crime Mangler" series speak with attendees at La Raza Comica: Latino-American comic arts exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum on May 05, 2012. Michael Aushenker is the author of the “El Gato: Crime Mangler” series. He has also wrote the current issue of Matt Groening's "Bart Simpson" comics, #70, now on sale at newsstands and book shops. SHANE MENEZ / THE GUARDSMAN

City College alumni Isis Rodriguez and several other artists were featured in a panel discussion held at the Latino Comics Expo on May 5, covering topics such as Mexico and Latin American Mythology throughout the comic world.