Author and Survivor Chanel Miller Speaks about the Importance of Community Support

Author Chanel Miller spoke to two different journalists and read from her memoir, Know My Name, through the San Francisco Public Library’s program, One City One Book.

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4 Bay Area Artists on Staying Creative in a Pandemic

An exclusive interview with four Bay Area artists who attended City College. We discuss adapting their creative practices in a pandemic, collaborating with other Bay Area artists, and City College’s impact on their artistry via email.

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Indigenous Peoples of the Bay Area: A History of Survival

Given the massive diversity in languages, family groups, customs, and cultures, the native people of the northern and central California coasts likely would not have seen themselves as belonging to any single common group prior to the arrival of the Spanish. To some degree, this persists today, with many local Indigenous people self-identifying primarily as members of one or more of approximately 58 distinct regional cultures that are grouped under the umbrella-term “Ohlone.” 

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The Guardsman