Maintaining Our Faculties: Performing Engagement

The college’s detractors, some of whom appear to be on its payroll, may view this enormous learning curve as a nearly insurmountable peak, that their role is merely to establish a base camp for the next attempt, seemingly oblivious to the avalanche of problems that arise when approaching an audacious task with incrementalism and self-protective caution.

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Classified Staff Bear Brunt of City College Layoff Notices

City College sent out 42 pink slips to classified staff Nov. 2, even as they recruit replacement workers, a breach of faith denounced by SEIU 1021.

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Down To 3: College Hopes To Seat a New Chancellor by Oct. 1

Since 2011, City College has had more than half a dozen leaders. Analysis by the Guardsman found that chancellorship of the college has changed hands nine times in the last decade.

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