What Does the Muni’s Future Look Like on Frida Kahlo?

Frida Kahlo Way continues to be a major Muni transit hub for City College students, with the 49-Van Ness/Mission being the main bus that stops there. With campus looking more and more likely to be closed through the Spring 2021 semester, what does the future hold for Muni riders and City College students?

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Lab and Presential Classes Partially Reopen at City College Campuses 

Some campus classes have partially reopened on City College campuses with strict health sanitation rules in place.  E-mails have been sent to students affected by the campus partial reopening by their instructors.

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Police Brutality, Civil Unrest Sparks Change in Administration of Justice Department

Through years of experience in law enforcement and willingness to listen to their students, faculty members of the Administration of Justice have fostered a positive and dynamic environment despite the relentless scrutiny the media and public apply to their field.

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