Student Activist Groups Coming for City Supervisors

City College faculty, students, and student groups organized a protest at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center on June 22. Protesters expressed their anger regarding the recent decision to forgo the lease for the college’s Fort Mason campus, the removal of ESL and OLAD programs, and the disinvestment in its Black students.

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The Survival of City College’s Fort Mason and Civic Center Looks Grim

City College’s administration plans to eliminate more classes from its course catalog, even after the “Midnight Masscare.” English as a Second Language and Older Adults Learning courses are being decimated one by one. The Higher Education Action Team (HEAT) held a caravan protest to combat the grim decisions made by the administration.

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Students Keep Pressure on City and College to Keep Older Adults Courses

In November 2019, City College’s Older Adult Department faced huge class cuts which left many students and professors wondering what would happen next for the community. Many students are advocating that City College should be for the whole community and not for a select group of the community.

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