Mayor Breed’s New Retail Crime Initiative

London Breed announced a police-led initiative to decrease retail crime rates in late September, partnered with retailers and regional law enforcement. The initiative has three main aspects; expanding and reallocating police budgeting and resources, restructuring of private and public deployments, and public-private funding to help report and solve cases.

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And The World Stood Still

We’ve become so accustomed to the routines of modern life. Accustomed to the long hours and the rush hours and the deadlines that invade further into our consciousness each day. Shouldn’t there be more to life?! We have become so accustomed to the trajectory of the world, that we rarely take a moment to consider that the trajectory could ever change.
And yet now it has.

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Art Instructors and Students Hone the Art of Perseverance

By Skylar Wildfeuer   Seventeen months into the ubiquitously traumatic pandemic experience, determined instructors and engaged students find consolation

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City College Faces $22.5 Million Budget Deficit and Threat of State Take Over

State auditors in early April warned the California Community College Chancellor’s office to act quickly in order to remain independent, deeming the college “not currently stable,” citing its ineffective attempts at reducing its costs necessary to supplement the 35% enrollment decline over the past eight years, which resulted in the college tapping into its reserves. 

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Vaccine Eligibility and How Able-Bodied People are Cheating it

Gov. Gavin Newsom has made the claim that everyone in California will be vaccinated by the end of April, but some residents are cheating the lines and already receiving their doses before they are eligible.

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The Guardsman