Professor Light Captures Darkness at the Border

Mothers handcuffed to their children, a full-grown man stuffed into a drainpipe, a family of three crammed together in the boot of a car. Under the cover of night they were found and detained by border patrol officers, their moments of fear and loss caught in the glow of Ken Light’s Hasselblad camera.

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Gallery Obscura Ressurects 1960’s Toy Cameras

City College hosted its first every toy camera photography gallery at City College’s Gallery Obscura on Jan. 29. The exhibition titled, “Through a Plastic Lens,” is located on Ocean Campus’s Visual Arts Building, in room 160, and included photographs from Professor Stephanie Williamson’s plastic camera class. Williamson also taught students how to pay attention to movements within their camera and how the art of photography has the power to change lives.

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Folsom Street Fair consent policy creates discussion around photography rights

By Adina J. Pernell Stretching across 13 city blocks,the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is the world’s largest

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The Guardsman