Proposition Information – Short and Simple

This piece is an unbiased and nonpartisan summary of each of the propositions currently on the ballots for the State and San Francisco elections.

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Prop A supporters rally at City Hall to “save City College”

By Sara Bloomberg. Bright yellow, blue and red signs proclaimed “I am City College” in several languages on Sept. 4 as nearly 200 people rallied outside of City Hall to support Proposition A, a local parcel tax initiative that will raise $14 million a year for the college.

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Over 50 SFUSD schools to finish repairs if ballot initiative passes

Passing Proposition A would allow the city to issue a $531 million citizen bond to complete the last of its upgrades to the San Francisco Unified School District.
The previous two Prop A bonds, a $295 million bond from 2003 and a $450 million bond from 2006, have been used to revamp cafeterias, classrooms, and offices in 89 of 140 schools.

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