Instructors Work Overtime in Online Transition, but students all over the world find new educational opportunities 

While professors and full-time students suffer from a lack of personal contact of the remote instruction, City College has more opportunities for attracting working people, young parents, students living far who benefit from such advantages as fewer expenses, no commute, and a flexible schedule while getting professional real-time instruction.

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ESL Department Works to Increase Program Enrollment Amidst Steep Budget Cuts

City College stated during their November board meeting that cuts were the result of under-enrolled programs, but department Chair Keech said he never got an explanation. He thinks maybe other programs simply fit into the school’s funding formula better.

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ESL Department Rises to Remote Learning Challenges, Eyes Outreach in Future

ESL Department faculty describe challenges to instruction, access, and non-credit enrollment while operating remotely. Outreach needed to build awareness about ESL non-credit courses.

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