Police use force as demonstrators storm the entrance of Conlan Hall

Demonstrators stormed an officer-guarded Conlan Hall building on Thursday afternoon and staged an overnight sit-in, protesting against the special trustee and the current payment plan.

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Stun guns for the SFPD?

After a lengthy hearing on Feb. 23 the San Francisco Police Commission voted 6-1 in favor of interim Chief of Police Jeff Godown’s proposal to explore the use of all less lethal weapons, including the controversial Conductive Energy Device, also known as a stun gun.

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No fatalities in Ocean Avenue crash

A 2000 Toyota 4Runner crashed into a light post at the intersection of Granada and Ocean Avenues late in the afternoon Aug. 21. Impact from the head-on wreck sent the decorative lower light post cover into the window of Health Feet Spa.

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Prop. 8 upheld, Same-sex marriage supporters in uproar

Supporters of same-sex marriage gathered in force early Tuesday morning at St. Frances Lutheran Church and marched chanting and singing to hear the state Supreme Court’s decision on the fate of Proposition 8.

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