The Guardsman issues major correction

Dear CCSF Community:


We here at The Guardsman, the newspaper of City College of San Francisco, recently published two great errors within our cover page story on Chancellor Don Q. Griffin’s retirement: we left out the byline, and due to a production error, the last line of the story was dropped from the page.


Thomas Figg-Hoblyn, a returning student and extraordinarily talented news reporter, is the writer of the story on Chancellor Griffin.


Thomas spent weeks in research, canvassing many people in order to gain insight on Dr. Griffin’s career at City College. We at The Guardsman sincerely regret the error, printed in our over 6000 copies, in not crediting him with his stellar story on the Chancellor, who we all respect so much.


We wish to apologize to the Chancellor, for marring the print edition of a story we produced in an effort to honor his great dedication to the college.


We wish to publicly apologize to Thomas, and thank him for his amazing work.


If you wish to read the story, you may pick one up at one of our newsstands around any City College campus, or you can read it online at .


Thank you for your time, and your readership.


Joe Fitzgerald


The Guardsman

The Guardsman