The Polaroid Chronicles, part one

I moved to San Francisco from Napa in December 2006, yet I am still only marginally familiar with the city. My original plan was to spend at least one day per week drifting through the city with hopes of discovering my new home town. That obviously didn’t pan out as well I’d hoped.

San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities in the country with its different neighborhoods, people, and rich history making it a fixture of diversity. I wanted to visit every inch of San Francisco. I wanted to become intimate with the city. I wanted it to be like an old friend.

Although San Francisco is only seven miles across, there is still a lot to discover. Each neighborhood has its own unique characteristics, which contributes to the allure of “the City by the Bay.” With this in mind, I decided not start at one point and work my way through, but instead to pull out a map, close my eyes and randomly select a place to visit.

Each issue I’ll take you to a different place and share my experiences.

Alamo Square

Alamo Square is a large park at the Hayes Valley border. This park, which is surrounded by Hayes, Steiner, Scott and Fulton Street is home to residents, canines and tourists.

While I was there, a bus unloaded tourists to take photos of the “Painted Ladies” – beautiful Victorian homes lining Steiner Street. If you have ever watched the television series “Full House,” you are familiar with the view from Alamo Square. During the opening sequence of the show, you’d see four or five Victorian homes, which overlook the financial district. You too, can see this view from the top of hill while facing Steiner Street.

But Alamo Square is much more than a tourist attraction. The view of the city is different everywhere you stand. The park also has a playground for kids. If you’re a tennis lover, it offers a few courts to get your game on. Most importantly, the sun casts a beautiful golden shadow across the park at sunrise.

The next time you’re planning a picnic or just want to toss around the ol’ pig skin: give Alamo Square a visit.

However, if there is anything at Alamo Square worth seeing, it’s the view.

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