The Water Cooler, part four

Its the beginning of May and for City College students that the end of the semester is only a couple of weeks away.

For somebody like me, finals couldn’t come at a more stressful time.

Think about it–the NBA playoffs have bombarded my television nightly, the Giants look like they could be major players in NL West, and the teams for NHL poster boys’ Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin’s are ready to face off in an anticipated second round playoff.

How the hell am I supposed to study? Is there any way we can create 36-hour days? This isn’t fair to any sports geek.

I’m guessing I have to sacrifice certain things to succeed at this place called school. Where is the justice?

Look at the 49ers Draft

On paper this was one of the better drafts in recent memory for the 49ers. Thanks to the Chokeland, I mean Oakland Raiders, they passed on what most experts think is the best play-maker in receiver Micheal Crabtree. He dropped into the ‘9ers lap at the tenth pick—a move a lot of us faithfuls are not upset with.

The late round picks didn’t fill all holes in the ‘9ers arsenal, yet the potential of this year’s class is intriguing. The seventh round picks from a couple of LSU players. Safety Curtis Taylor and defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois could turn out to be real sleepers.

Taylor has good size but injuries during his senior season caused his stock to drop. Jean-Francois was named defensive MVP of the 2008 national championship game. Character issues were the kryptonite for Jean-Francois’ inconsistent play.

With 49ers coach Mike Singletary, known for his motivational speeches, Taylor and Jean-Francois can be integral parts of the 49ers for years to come and finally live up to their potential.

Random Thoughts

The Nuggets won by a score (this is not a misprint), 121-63. A 58-point loss for the Hornets, at home! Let that sink in for a minute. Still can’t fathom it? Welcome to the club, you are not the only one. I told friends the Nuggets would advance to the second round, but not that easily.

What is the best word that describes the San Jose Sharks’ first round loss to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks? Disappointing? Pathetic? Heartless? I’m going with the word teaser. Teasing fans into believing that home-ice advantage would bring the Sharks a Stanley Cup championship. I should have known better.

Since this will be the last time I’ll let you readers inside my wacky head, I must add my thoughts about a legend who became a household name:

Madden, who was a great coach for the Oakland Raiders, decided to step away on April 16 to spend more time with his grandchildren after working the broadcast booth since 1979.

From his Thanksgiving tradition of giving away a turkey, or turducken to the player of the game, to picking his famed “All-Madden” team and traveling the country in his “Madden Cruiser”, there will never be another announcer like Madden. His originality and quirky style will forever be missed.

As long as I can remember, football and Madden have always been associated with each other. Madden made even the most clueless fan understand the originality of the game. He will be missed by many fans.

Madden and his and longtime partner Pat Summerall will always be my favorite broadcasting team.

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